Gloss Like a Boss, 2017

A series of banners.

Embroidery and application techniques.

Exhibited during 50 Shades of Pink in Paris and at Open Craft in Örebro. 

Pink Fever, Fairy Dust and Rose Royal in dialogue with shiny polyester, see-through nylon and revealing spandex. The commercialized image of the feminine woman entwined with the language used in make-up commercials.

False Lash Superstar. Gloss Like a Boss. Baby Lips.


I quilt

I mend

I bead

I stitch

Gloss Like a Boss, 2017

Bead embroidery and application.

60 x 110 cm

False Lash Superstar, 2017

Bead embroidery and application

214 x 86 cm

Sketches, 2017

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